Now at least I know that I don’t know

Hi, I am Emmanuel

I am an engineer. I like systems and I like to study them. It started with child’s questions : how does a fridge work ? how come there is electricity in my home when I flip a switch ? Now that I mastered electricity (kind of), my interest switched to another system. A big one, the one I have been interested in for the past several years : humankind.

How did we get there ? What were the big forces that built our society ? What are those forces now ? Where are they pushing us ? Where are we pushing ourselves ? Where am I standing in all that ? How does my brain work ? How can I work on my happiness ? Asking myself all those questions, I started reading. A lot. Politics, economics, history, psychology, … Little by little I have built a mental model of our world.

It’s time to test it. With your help, dear reader, I want to challenge my understandings and findings. Feel free to engage, attack my ideas or cheer for them. My hope is for us to grow together.

I did not know where to start, so I just started. You will find my first latest publications here.

On working duty with my dear friend Vincent (I’m in red)

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