SIJMS #2 – History and stories

Last February I had a long chat with Benoit Desgroseillers. Benoit has a background in history and works as a Senior Director at Finances Montreal whose mission is to develop and promote Québec’s financial services industry. Following my curiosity, I wanted to have his opinion regarding the place of finance in our society. We hadContinue reading “SIJMS #2 – History and stories”

SIJRT #5 – What’s mine is mine

So I just read “Capital et Idéologie” by Thomas Piketty. This book is about history and more specifically the history of ideologies. The author studies how economic inequalities and their justification evolved in the last centuries. I think it’s worth the reading. It gave me more hindsight regarding the current state of society and theContinue reading “SIJRT #5 – What’s mine is mine”